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Mantis MR compact

advanced technology, 100% made in Italy

Fields of application

Theramagnetic Compact: the compact that guarantees utmost efficiency and maximum performance

Easy to use thanks to the intuitive software and practical touchscreen.
Personalised treatments transform every session into a unique experience.


Reduces stress Effective in treating sleep disturbances and insomnia Reduces tiredness Improved mood Increased physical and mental activity


Smooths wrinkles Firms the skin Slows, and even reverses, the effects of ageing


Cellulite and orange-peel effect Loose skin Stretch marks Water retention Localised fat Post-pregnancy


Anti-ageing Modelling and contouring Slimming Draining Local activation of lipolytic processes Antioxidant Increased quantities of hyaluronic acid Increased numbers of fibroblasts Strengthens and improves tissue elasticity Increases the body’s defences Improves microcirculation

for HIM and for HER

Theramagnetic is much more than a simple beauty treatment.
It is a unique experience that regenerates the body and mind, making it possible to rediscover one’s natural psychophysical balance for an improved sensation of well-being.

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